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Call Your U.S.Senators - Its Not Too Late for the Gun Debate

This week, the U.S. Senate is getting ready to vote on a bill that would go a long way toward preventinggun violence and making our communities safer.

Today, amendments will be offered to strengthen the legislation.  Those amendments will deal with the size of the ammunition magazines and assault weapons. 

That is because tragedies like the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and incessant gun violence in the hearts of our cities, people like you spoke out to demand action from Congress.

We cannot let up on our senators -- not when we've come this far.  All across the country, supporters of sensible gun violence prevention measures are coming

out of the shadows and letting it be known that we want something done NOW.  Our allies will be doing the same thing -- calling their senators and letting them know that we haven't forgotten

about the toll gun violence is taking on our families and our communities. When Gabby Gifford was shot, the Congress did nothing.  When people died at Aurora, the Congress did nothing.

It is intolerable for the Senate to ignore the wishes of most Americans.  Let your voice be heard today.

If we do our jobs right, anyone near a U.S. Senate office on Tuesday will know exactly the kind of passion that's out there to do something about gun violence in this country.

Pledge to call your senator on Ttoday and join the groundswell of voices demanding action from Congress.

Janice L. Mathis, Esq.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition