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Press Releases

July 15, 2017

Strong Women, Accomplished Women: Day Three

July 13, 2017

Legends and Lineage: Day Two of the 46th Annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition International Convention

July 13, 2017

The National Black and Brown Elected Officials Summit

July 13, 2017

Press Availability for Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

July 12, 2017


July 12, 2017

NBA Hall of Famers and other Sports Legends To Be Honored Thursday Night in Chicago at #RPCCONV2017

July 11, 2017

Opening Day: Rainbow PUSH Coalition 46th Annual International Convention

July 08, 2017

Together We Rise: Empower the Women, Develop the Nation

July 07, 2017

Thomas Perez Will Keynote The 46th Annual Rainbow PUSH Convention

July 06, 2017

Stop the Violence, Save the Children Prayer Vigil

July 05, 2017

How Many More of Our Children Must Die Before We Reinvest in Our Communities?

July 01, 2017

Trump Administration aims for National Legislation to bring about Voter Suppression

June 30, 2017

Chicago Police Board President to Speak at PUSH

June 30, 2017

A Special Gubernatorial Forum at Rainbow PUSH Coalition 46th Annual Convention

June 20, 2017

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Brings Cannes Lion Creativity Festival to its Feet

June 15, 2017

We Are All in the Struggle for Peace and Justice Together

June 14, 2017

Rev. Jackson Meets with Gov. Officials & Talks with Students in Northern Ireland

June 12, 2017

Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund