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December 03, 2013

8 Stunning Photos Of the Global Protests Erupting Over the Past Week

The past few days have seen protests around the world, from pro-EU demonstrations in Ukraine to lesser known protests in Sri Lanka and France.

Here are some powerful images from some of the demonstrations: 

1. Ukraine's ongoing protests: "It's not a rally, it's a revolution."

On Sunday, Ukraine saw its biggest protest since the 2004 Orange Revolution. At least 300,000 people took to the streets of Kiev, the capital city, to call for the resignation of president Viktor Yanukovych.

Protests first began after Yanukovych's decision to back away from a landmark trade deal with the European Union on Nov. 21.

The protests have been ongoing, but things turned violent on Sunday when riot police fired flash grenades, tear gas, and truncheons on a crowd of demonstrators surrounding the president's office. The protesters were attempting to break through police lines by throwing rocks, as well as other objects. Dozens were injured in the clashes.

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