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March 04, 2013

How Climate Change Affects People of Color

Chances are, if you are a person of color, climate change isn't at the top of your list of concerns. President Barack Obama's remarks on the issue in his State of the Union address and inaugural speech weren't what made you cheer. Finding a job, keeping the lights and heat on, and guarding the health and safety of your kids are your priorities -- and what you want your political leaders to prioritize, too.

But climate change should be at or near the top of our political agenda, and here's why. Hurricane Katrina showed us that neighborhoods with the fewest resources have a harder time escaping, surviving and recovering from natural disasters. And last year's Superstorm Sandy, droughts and record-breaking heat -- which occurred with increased frequency and ferocity -- taught us that these natural disasters aren't so natural after all. They are the result of climate change caused by pollution that our communities know about all too well.

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