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April 16, 2013

How Rev Jesse Jackson sealed Raila meeting with Uhuru

Nairobi, Kenya : President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Saturday’s meeting with Mr Raila Odinga at State House was the culmination of two hush-hush meetings, both in homes of influential personalities close to the two leaders.

The Saturday meeting was the second directly between the two fiercest rivals in the March 4 elections, and also the first to be acknowledged by the two sides, complete with television footage.

But inquiries within the President’s and Raila’s side revealed that the influential force bringing the two hitherto bitter rivals together was America’s civil rights and towering religious figure, the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

April 1 was characterized by two key events; it was Easter Monday as well as April Fools Day, when people the World over get half-a-day to pull pranks on each other. In Kenya, it was no different as families got out to enjoy the fun-day together, either in church, friend’s homes or even entertainment joints.

But behind the scenes, something else was taking off, and as it turned out, it wasn’t a prank at all. That Easter Monday ended with Uhuru, whose victory the Supreme Court upheld the previous Saturday (March 30), sharing a dinner table with Raila at the home of a mutual friend.

This first meeting took place at the home of the youthful wealthy businessman in the Muthaiga Estate.

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