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August 14, 2013

Networks ‘Never Seem to Find That Person of Color’

"PBS and Al Jazeera America are shaking up the status quo by hiring a diverse group of journalists for key on-air positions. The moves reflect the networks' conscious effort to become more multicultural in their approach, executives tell TheWrap," Sara Morrison wrote Sunday for The Wrap.

"When Gwen Ifill. . . and Judy Woodruff were named the co-anchors of PBS [NewsHour] on Tuesday, it was hailed as a historic advancement for both women and minorities in TV news, where both have been largely underrepresented.

"Along with Ifill and Woodruff, Indian-American Hari Sreenivasan became the show's senior correspondent, adding to his upcoming responsibilities as the anchor of the show's new weekend edition. Behind the camera, Linda Winslow serves as the show's executive producer. Previously Ifill and Woodruff rotated hosting duties on the program long anchored by Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil. . . ."

Enumerating further progress, Morrison's story continued, "But it's hardly enough for Bob Butler, president of the National Association of Black Journalists.

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