September 27, 2012

Obama the cage fighter and Romney the delicate puncher

The "Romney for president" folks keep promising a new, supercharged phase of the campaign that will launch their stalled candidate on a trajectory straight to the White House.


The “reboot” suggests something big and bold. But there’s a problem: Republican strategists have decided the public — and, particularly, undecided moderate voters — likePresident Obama too much to smack him rhetorically with two fists.

While Mitt Romney walks that semantic tightrope in a new television ad and on the stump, though, his opponent is walloping him with TV ads that portray the Republican as the hopelessly out-of-touch rich guy. The Obama attacks, making ample use of Romney’s dismissive remarks about the “victim” 47%, give the appearance the president is fighting a cage match, while Romney jabs away, judiciously, with his 16-ounce gloves.

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