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November 25, 2013

Will WalMart Strikes Impact Black Friday or Fizzle Out?

In case you’ve missed it in the news, WalMart workers have been forming unions, organizing public protests and speaking up for change to their low salaries and mistreatment on the job across America. The groups are currently planning a number of staged protests during Black Friday, November 29th.

In a recently released video, Wal-Mart associates presented management of a store in Raleigh, NC with 170,000 signatures on a petition requesting change and performed a Greek-like step routine in the main aisle of the store. Management was shocked by the display and called police. No arrests were made, but the video has since gone viral over the internet. You can view it here:

The petition which I found on the union’s website is actually addressed to President Barack Obama urging him to make good on his campaign promise to stand up for working people by meeting with them to hear their concerns about low wages and threats of being fired for standing up for their rights by joining together as the Organization United for Respect at WalMart (OUR WalMart). In the petition, WalMart is described as one of the richest dynasties in the nation that is paying almost a million workers poverty wages of less than $25,000 annually, not enough to care for their families.

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