Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls for National Protests to Government Shutdown

(Chicago, October 7, 2013) Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is organizing national protests against the Federal Shutdown in partnership with faith, labor and community leaders in cities around the nation.

Why We Must Rally and March

1. We march to protest the moral outrage of shutting down the Federal Government because it denies over 800,000 federal workers their jobs and 312 million American citizens needed services. It is immoral to hold the government hostage and engage in “economic terrorism” to try to overturn a law that was enacted through constitutional means, declared constitutional by the Supreme Court and approved by the American people in the 2012 national presidential campaign.

2. We march to demand that House Speaker John Boehner allow a vote on a clean CR - Continuing Resolution - in the House of Representatives and let Republicans and Democrats vote their conscience. If he does, it will pass, President Obama will sign it into law, federal workers will go back to work, and the American people will benefit. Ending this crisis is that simple! Keeping the government closed is unnecessary and hurtful to many Americans, especially our most vulnerable citizens – the poor, the elderly and children.

3. We march to Support the Affordable Health Care Act. Characterizing the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) – which is a health care law designed to bring affordable health care to 30 million Americans – as “Obamacare,” is race baiting. Polls show that many more Americans support the Affordable Care Act than support “Obamacare” - which are the same thing. The American people love the elements in the Affordable Care Act, but like “Obamacare” less. They love keeping children on a family’s health care plan until age 26; denying insurance companies the ability to stop people with pre-existing conditions from purchasing affordable health insurance; eliminating life-time spending limits by insurance companies; closing the “donut hole” in prescription dugs for seniors. Let’s call it what it is – the Affordable Care Act.

4. We march to protest the politics the poor and working class at work here. The southern-based, neo-confederate Tea Party, and those who vote with them in Congress, are shutting down a Federal Government that their states and people disproportionately depend on. For example, the states that are the red-ist (most Republican and conservative) are the BIGGEST TAKERS from the Federal Government for their state budgets - i.e., they paid fewer dollars to the Federal Government and got more dollars back from the Federal Government; while the states that are the blue-ist (most Democratic and liberal) are the BIGGEST GIVERS - i.e., they paid more dollars to the Federal Government than they got in return. The top five state budgets most dependent on the Federal Government are: Mississippi (49.01%); Louisiana (46.52%); Arizona (45.70%); Missouri (44.36%); and Tennessee. In fact, 9 of the top 11 – Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, Missouri, Tennessee, New Mexico (“blue”), Montana, Georgia, New York (“blue”), Texas and Wyoming - are the most dependent states and were “Red” in the 2012 presidential election. So, like the confederates of 1861, the senators and representatives from those “red” conservative states are not acting and voting in the best interests of their constituents.


  1. Organize or join a march/rally at the federal building in your city
  2. Call, email, tweet your US Representative and urge them to end the stalemate
  3. Send a copy of this to your local paper and radio station
  4. Post a copy of this on your personal facebook page