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September 29, 2013

Communiqué Release Kevin Scott

1. The release of U.S. citizen Kevin Scott is a unilateral decision of the FARC that strictly responds to humanitarian considerations. Nothing has been demanded in return for this gesture, which only aims to contribute to a positive environment for peace in Colombia.

2. If this release has not happened yet, it is because the Colombian government did not provide the minimum necessary conditions we need for this procedure.

3. The public pronouncement of the former Senator Piedad Córdoba, from the organization Colombians for Peace, declining participation in the humanitarian mission that would bring Mr. Scott back from the jungle, expresses the magnanimity of a woman who has shown selflessness and dedication to the cause of reconciliation. That fact puts us in the position of having to find a reliable alternative to resolve this matter.

4. The FARC-EP has taken the decision to ask Reverend Jesse Jackson to make available his experience and integrity to expedite Kevin Scott's release. This mission will be accompanied by Mr. Carlos Lozano Guillén, member of Colombians for Peace.


Colombian jungle, September 28, 2013