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October 17, 2013



Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. today said, “I want to congratulate U.S. Senator-elect Cory Booker on his 55%-to-44% victory in New Jersey for the vacant U.S. Senate seat.  He is a young leader with fresh ideas and he will bring great enthusiasm to his new job in the United States Senate.  I wish him well. “The words he spoke at his victory celebration were inspiring and pointed to new possibilities for the future.  He rejected the idea that politics is a zero-sum game that inevitably divides the electorate, with one side winning and the other side losing.  Instead he argued that ‘too many people are forgetting that the lines that divide us are nothing compared to the ties that bind us.’ “He also reminded us that if you want to go someplace fast you can go alone, but if you want to go far you must go together.  And his call was not merely for our nation to be a good nation but to be a great nation, and focusing on poverty as he did during the campaign was the right direction for making the United States a great nation,” concluded Rev. Jackson.