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September 30, 2013

Cuban Council of Churches Affiliates with Rainbow PUSH Coalition


September 30, 2013

Havana, Cuba:  During Rev. Jackson's recent visit to Havana, Cuba, the Cuban Council of Churches signed a formal agreement to affiliate with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.   The Cuba Council of Churches was instrumental in arranging Rev. Jackson's 1984 visit to Cuba, wherein he took President Fidel Castro to church, and negotiated the freedom of dozens of Cuban Americans.   This visit marked a turning point in the role of the church in Cuba, which has carried on to this day.  The Cuban Council of Churches hosted this recent visit by Rev. Jackson and the  Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and coordinated numerous events in Cuba.   Rev. Jackson's principal purpose for visiting Cuba was to meet with the FARC of Colombia, seeking the release of captured US veteran Kevin Scott Sutay in Colombia in June of this year.


Joint Communique


The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and Cuban Council of Churches of Cuba issue this joint communiqué certifying the Cuban Council of Churches as an affiliated organization of the U.S. Rainbow PUSH Coalition.


Cuban Council of Churches is a rich and dynamic organization in Cuba, comprised of 45 ecumenical institutions, churches and other religious groups representing over one million people.   The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a global independent organization dedicated to advancing human and civil rights, peace, economic justice and equality in the U. S and around the world. 


Rainbow PUSH and the Cuba Council of Churches share a common mission with the U.S. Rainbow PUSH Coalition in striving for peace, social and economic justice.  The Cuban Council of Churches has a particular interest in the role of the church and religious groups, inspiring them to become economically and politically empowered and play a positive role in shaping society.


The U.S. Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Cuban Council of Churches of Cuba pledge to work together in a mutually beneficial manner, participate in each other’s conferences and programs, and join together in global campaigns for peace, social justice, empowerment of the ecumenical community and social and economic security.  Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Cuban Council of Churches are dedicated to building international alliances and relationships.  In particular, they have common interests in:

  1. Advancing the role of church as a positive force for social change
  2. Encouraging family reunification
  3. Remove Cuba from the list as a “sponsor of terrorism”
  4. Seeking the release of prisoners from the U.S. and Cuba
  5. Expand an open, transparent and respectful dialogue between the U.S. and Cuba
  6. Ending the U.S. blockade
  7. Normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba

This agreement is certified on September 30, 2013 in Havana, Cuba, by:

Reverend Joel Ortega Dopico                    Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

President                                              President and Founder

Cuban Council of Churches                       Rainbow PUSH Coalition