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December 10, 2011

Join Rainbow PUSH This Holiday Season

Dear Friend,


As we approach the holiday season, we can only appreciate how grateful we are for your support to The RAINBOW PUSH COALITION. We are celebrating our 40th year of fighting for Civil Rights.

Reverend Jesse L.Jackson,Sr. continues in his 50th year of fighting with you on his mind. Every speech that he makes is about helping you and your family. Every trip out of town is about making a difference to someone, some group or an organization in need. Your MEMBERSHIP with RAINBOW PUSH makes this happen.

We rely on your MEMBERSHIP to continue our mission. Your support has helped us to continue to give college scholarships and food baskets to people in need. We want to continue this effort because our children are our future and RAINBOW PUSH understands your needs.

Has your eye ever been caught by a picture so beautiful that you couldn’t look away? RAINBOW PUSH is that picture. Let your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews be recipients of a proud legacy; present them the best Christmas present a young person can have-“a membership with RAINBOW PUSH COALITION”. They can wear the RAINBOW PUSH PEN proudly, not because it is beautiful, but because it represents the history of our struggle in Civil Rights and our vision for the future.

We are most grateful to loyal subscribers like you who have made the past years the greatest. You cannot choose a better time to adopt a new family tradition by requesting a RAINBOW PUSH membership for your family and friends. Our website is available to accommodate your request for membership at or send your membership request to:


           Membership Department


           930 East 50th Street

           Chicago,IL 60615


           We wish you peace and joy during this holiday season.


    Rev.Jesse L.Jackson,Sr         Bertha McMorris

           Founder and President        Membership Director