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September 11, 2017

Press Conference to Introduce New Commission for Voter Justice


September 11, 2017 

Press Conference to Introduce New Commission for Voter Justice



A broad coalition of defenders and promoters of democracy, organized by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and civil rights attorney Barbara Arnwine, will announce at a news conference in the Nation’s Capital the establishment of the Commission for Voter Justice (CVJ), tasked with documenting and addressing the scourge of voter suppression:


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

10:30 A.M.

National Press Club

529 14th Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C.


This diverse, non-partisan commission, composed of prominent voting rights

experts, scholars, elected officials, lawyers, students and community activists will

hold a series of hearings around the country to gather testimony directly from U.S.

citizens about the undue and often illegal barriers which hinder their ability to

effectively participate in the franchise.


“The Commission for Voter Justice,” said Rev. Jackson, founder and president of

the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, “will be a vital voice in presenting a counter narrative

to the myth of wide-spread voter fraud and President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission. Almost every study says vote fraud is an insignificant issue in American elections. In other words, it’s fake news.”

 Noting that September is National Voting Rights Month, CVJ co-chair Arnwine, founder and president ofTransformative Justice Coalition, said the commission’s mission is to expand and protect voting rights. “The threat of voter suppression,” she said, “is a direct threat to an inclusive and robust American democracy.”


The CVJ will develop a voter empowerment initiative that addresses the following

issues: voter registration, universal early voting, automatic voter registration at age

18 and restoration of voting rights for ex-felons. It will also produce reports and

recommendations to guide public policy in the areas of voting rights and civic



“President Trump’s so-called Election Integrity Commission,” Rev. Jackson said,

“is designed to prove his absurd claim that 3-to-5 million illegal voters cast ballots

in the 2016 presidential election. It’s nothing more than a frontal attack on legal

and legitimate voters with the end goal of making voting more difficult for people

of color and the poor. It must be resisted at every turn.”











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