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September 10, 2012




Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Founder and President, RainbowPUSH Coalition


Rev. Attorney Janette C. Wilson

Executive Director, PUSH Excel





Today we are witnessing an unprecedented level of violence against our children. This violence is driven by despair and hopelessness, as well as disrespect and disregard for justice and fairness. This week another young man, Joseph Coleman, was killed in another senseless murder. As we read the news of another shooting each day, it feels as if we have become spectators in our children’s lives. We watch them like actors in a weekly sitcom, just part of another story to be viewed. As parents, politicians and popular personalities, we cannot continue to accept this daily diet of violence as “normal” in certain neighborhoods. We must hold a statewide summit on violence.


Rev. Janette Wilson, Executive Director of PUSH’s education initiative, urges a response to the violence, “as a mother and faith leader, I am calling on our community to act. Mothers with school age children and ministers who have school age members of their respective churches must meet this Saturday morning at the RainbowPUSH Coaltion. I urge us to gather on Saturday for the following reasons:


1)   We are allowing too many young people to be killed in majority black and brown communities, acting as if the violence is an acceptable way of life for our children.

2)   Mothers have a responsibility to fight for the lives of those we shared our bodies with to give them life in the first place. We cannot allow strangers to take the lives we did not abort.

3)   Politicians are invited to join me in this call to action. Every elected official has an obligation to enact laws (federal, state, city and county) restricting access to guns and drugs in vulnerable communities. Elected officials must shelter these communities by fighting for the jobs, reconstruction contracts, and economic growth needed to combat poverty and violence.

4)   Popular personalities, who speak to our children daily and nightly on radio and television broadcasts, must create an atmosphere that promotes positive, uplifting music and rap songs.

5)   Stakeholders and service providers, many of whom are operating on limited resources, must attend because they provide critical programs and services to the communities most affected by this violence. They see the impact of the recession, home and church foreclosures, high unemployment, and the closing of clinics, schools, police precincts, businesses, and factories.”



Saturday, September 8, 2012

8:30AM Meeting - 9:30AM Broadcast - 11:30AM Press Conference


RainbowPUSH Coaltion National Headquarters
930 East 50th Street

Chicago, IL 60615