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May 25, 2012

Rev. Jesse Jackson Commends the Life of Barbara Graves

Today our hearts are saddened by the transition of Barbara Graves. I have been blessed to know her and Earl nearly half a century.

We have traveled far and wide together. She is in many ways a grand matriarch of our struggle for equality and justice. She leaves in the Graves family a legacy of hope. She helped to give birth to and build one of the great families of our time.

From Robert Kennedy to Dr. King to Nelson Mandela and president Barack Obama; in corporate board rooms, she has been one of the architects of our dreams.

She leaves as the creditor and we are the debtors. She leaves so much more than the word thanks can convey, but in the end we praise God for the life, living and sharing of this women of strength and character.

Rainbow PUSH and the Jackson family offer our condolences. We remain available to continue to serve to this continued legacy.