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June 29, 2014

Tech Giants Join Rainbow PUSH Coalition at 43rd Annual Conference -  “inclusion/diversity” is key


Tech Giants Join Rainbow PUSH Coalition to

Expand Participation in Silicon Valley and the Tech Industry


David Drummond from Google and Ken Coleman from Saama Technologies to be Honored


Google, Intel, HP, and Facebook participating in Rainbow PUSH’s 43rd

Annual Conference, Monday, June 30, Chicago


Chicago:  David Drummond, Senior VP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, and Kenneth Coleman, Chairman of Saama Technologies, will be the featured honorees as the Rainbow Push for Excellence Scholarship dinner, 6pm, Monday, June 30, at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Chicago.


Facebook, HP, Intel and Google will also be participating and sponsoring the day-long, youth summit technology sessions beginning at 9am on Monday, June 30 including:  a STEM workshop teaching K-12 young people to code; a speed mentoring sessions to introduce youth to technology companies and other corporations; and a nationwide Town Hall where youth will engage in a national dialogue about connecting technology to communities and education.


Rainbow PUSH is also convening a special session with tech giants and educational leaders from the Historical Black Universities and Colleges (HBCU’s) to forge a stronger collaboration and pipeline between students attending and graduating from the HBCU’s and employment opportunities in the technology and telecommunications industries.


Rainbow PUSH will also unveil its new video production, “Changing the face of technology,” a five minute video aimed at inspiring, empowering and connecting African Americans, Latinos and people of color to technology.   The video is produced by the Chicago-Oakland based Black-owned advertising firm, Carol H. Williams advertising.


Additionally, our PUSH For Excellence will announce its scholarship recipients and the winners of its National Oratorical competition, led by Julianne Malveaux and Judge Greg Mathis, McDonald’s executive Pat Harris, and Judge Stanley Hill.


Rainbow PUSH’s public campaign appealing to the technology industry to release its EEO-1 and workforce data has met with recent success.  Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Facebook have all recently released their data; while companies like Intel, HP, and Cisco have publicly posted their data over the past few years.  This data shows that just 1-4% of the workforce of major tech companies are comprised of Blacks and Latinos.   Women, too, lag far behind.


Reverend Jackson commented, “At its best, Silicon Valley can be a tremendously positive change agent for the world; at its worst, it can hold on to old patterns that exclude people of color and women from opportunity and advancement and hold back progress.  Let’s look through the front mirror and not the back window.   We challenge companies to reveal their workforce data as it shows the depth of the problem.  Companies must step up with solutions and remedies, setting goals, targets and timetables to “move the needle” and significantly expand the participation of Blacks and Latinos to mirror the customer base it relies on for business – not just in their workforce, but also on their Boards of Directors and Executive C-suites.”


He concluded, “Silicon Valley and the tech industry have demonstrated that it can solve the most challenging complex problems in the world.   Inclusion and diversity is a complex problem – if we put our collective minds to it, if there is not just desire but will, we can solve it, too.”