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December 08, 2011

Rev . Jesse Jackson to Visit UK Decemcber 11-16, 2011

The Global Peace, Human and Civil Rights Life and Legacy of Rev. Jackson and RPC December 2011

The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Celebrating his 70th birthday and over five decades of activism in the peace, justice and human rights struggle, the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., President and Founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, will travel to the UK December 11-16 for a series of events. Hosted by the Rt. Honorable Keith Vaz MP, events will take place in London and Leicester the week of December 11-16, 2011. Events include:

Tuesday, December 13 – Leicester

Keynote Address, the conference on The Roots of Radicalism, hosted by the Home Affairs Select Committee and De Montfort University

Where: De Montfort University, Leicester

When: 11am-4pm – Rev. Jackson’s keynote address is scheduled for 12.40pm.

Presentation of Honorary Degree from De Montfort University

Where: St. Mary De Castro Church (near De Montfort University)

When: 6:00-6:30pm (Presentation Ceremony)

The ceremony will be preceded by a Press Call, 4:30pm Press Call in the Hugh Aston Building

Wednesday, December 14 - London

Reception, hosted by Rt. Honorable Keith Vaz MP, celebrating Rev. Jackson’s 70th birthday

Where: Unison, 130 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AY

When: 6:30-8:30pm

Reverend Jackson has been a constant presence in the UK and Europe, and his global work around issues of peace, equality and economic justice span over five decades – a backgrounder on Rev. Jackson’s international missions is attached and can be found at

Rt. Honorable Keith Vaz MP: “I am delighted and privileged that UK is able to salute Rev. Jackson on the occasion of his 70th Birthday. He will receive an Honorary Degree from De Montfort University, a lunch in his Honour at the House of Commons and a reception for 300 in Central London. London loves Rev. Jackson!”

Reverend Jesse Jackson: “I look forward to returning to the UK. The world remains steeped in a severe economic crisis. We must globalize the struggle for peace and economic justice, and redouble our efforts to end poverty. We must continue to go forward by hope not backwards by fear.”

Born in Greenville, South Carolina in the heart of the segregated South, Rev. Jesse Jackson has emerged as one of the world’s foremost leaders. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson has a strong record of negotiating the release of hostages, including British citizens, and globalizing the struggle for peace, civil and human rights and economic justice.

From the time he was jailed for trying to use a public library in his home town in 1960, thru his work as an aide to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, his presidential campaigns of 1984 and 1988, he has remained true to the religious imperative to fight for the poor and set the captives free.” His unparalleled domestic and international activism and people’s diplomacy has been a trademark of his life’s work, now spanning over five decades.;;,0,4072441.story


A Record of Setting the Captives free

Syria — January 3, 1984

Rev. Jackson meets with Syrian leader Assad and wins the release of Lt. Robert Goodman whose plane was shot down over Syrian territory. Despite White House warnings that Rev. Jackson might hinder official government efforts, President Reagan said, of Jackson's mission, "You can't quarrel with success." Jackson would hone his message that moral and humanitarian acts can lead to reduction of world tensions and the resolution of international conflicts.



Cuba — July 4, 1984

Rev. Jackson negotiates the release of 48 Cuban and Cuban American political prisoners. (Jackson’s mission also took him to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama). Arriving on June 25, Jackson described his visit to the island as a "mission of peace." After a speech at the University of Havana, and taking President Castro to church, he meets with the Cuban leader who agrees to release all U.S. prisoners held in Cuban jails. Jackson later successfully urged Castro to release several Cuban prisoners as well.


Iraq - September 2, 1990

After Iraq invades Kuwait and holds hundreds of world citizens as “human shields,” Rev. Jackson negotiates with Saddam Hussein to secure the release of 20 American hostages and additional hostages from other European countries.

Yugoslavia – May 2, 1999

Three US soldiers -Sgt. Christopher James Stone; Sgt. Andrew Andrew Arthur Ramirez; Sgt. Stephen Michael Gonzales – were held hostage by Yugoslavian leader Milosevic. Rev. Jackson led an interfaith delegation and after face-to-face meetings with Milosevic, the soldiers were freed.;;


Liberia: August 26, 2000

Four journalists (David Barrie (UK); Timothy Lambon (UK) – (currently at Channel 4 in London); Gugulakhe Radebe (South Africa); Sorious Samoura (Sierra Leone) working on a documentary for Britain’s Channel 4 network were arrested and held in Liberia. Following negotiations with Liberian leader Charles Taylor that included the Rev. Jesse Jackson, as U.S. Special Envoy for the Promotion of Democracy in Africa, the journalists were released and returned to their homes in the UK and South Africa, on August 26, 2000.


UK Connections

November 2, 1985: Free South Africa Movement

Reverend Jackson joins with ANC Leader Oliver Tambo, Bishop Trevor Huddleston, Ken Livingston, Bernie Grant, Keith Vaz and Paul Boateng, Diane Abbott (who would become MPs) and others at the 120,000 strong demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square to protest apartheid in South Africa and call to free Nelson Mandela.

February 15, 2003: Anti-Iraq War Rally, Hyde Park

Rev. Jesse Jackson keynotes rally with UK anti-war activists and over 1 million people protesting the expected invasion of Iraq by the United States and the role of the British government.

November 2004: Northern Ireland Peace and Reconciliation

Rev. Jackson receives the Aisling Award in Belfast for his work on peace and reconciliation, and visits senior politicians and community activists in Northern Ireland in an effort to rebuild the peace process and restore the governmental institutions of the Belfast Agreement.

August 2007: Launching Equanomics-UK - Nine City Tour

Equanomics-UK invites Rev. Jackson to help launch the new organization in a historic nine city UK-wide tour (London-Bristol-Liverpool-Manchester-Leicester-Nottingham-Bradford-Sheffield-Birmingham). The tour coincides with the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Slave Trade Act in Britain, including the official London GLA ceremony with Mayor Ken Livingston.

August 29, 2007: At the conclusion of the Tour, Rev. Jackson participates in the unveiling of the statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square.


November 2007: Honorary Fellowship from Regents Park College, Oxford University

Reverend Jackson receives an Honorary Fellowship from Regents Park College at Oxford University, and delivers a keynote to the College and helps launch an initiative to expand the recruitment and enrollment of Black students at Oxford.

December 2008: Recipient of Honorary Fellowship from Edge Hill University

On a tour organised by Equanomics UK the Rev. Jackson keynotes a series of events in London, Birmingham, Leicester and Liverpool interpreting the civil rights journey leading to the historic election of Barack Obama in the U.S.

Reverend Jackson receives an Honorary Fellowship from Edge Hill University. They also announce an annual Jesse Jackson lecture and a Jesse Jackson scholarship, wherein Rev. Jackson delivered a Keynote, From Civil Rights to Equanomics: Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement and the Election of President Barack Obama. Rev. Jackson also delivered a keynote address to students at Liverpool University.

March 2009: Presented Diversity and Inclusion Award by PM Gordon Brown

Reverend and Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson visit 10 Downing, where PM Gordon Brown presents Rev. Jackson with the Global Diversity and Inclusion Award, who stated, "In recognition of your services to the world.”

At the invitation of the Rt. Honorable Keith Vaz MP, Rev. Jackson testifies before the Home Affairs Select Committee, and meets with trade unionists, corporate and youth leaders at the House of Commons and other venues during his visit.

March 2009: Reunites with Stuart Lockwood – held hostage as a boy by Saddam Hussein

Five years old Stuart Lockwood was forced to pose alongside of Saddam Hussein who was holding British, French and other citizens as “human shields” in the run up to the first Gulf War in 1990. Rev. Jackson met with Saddam Hussein and won Stuart’s release and others held hostage by Saddam Hussein. 19 years later in a memorable moment, Rev. Jackson is reunited with Mr. Lockwood, now a PE teacher in Worcestershire. Mr. Lockwood said: 'It's a great honour to be here with the Reverend Jesse Jackson. He is the man that carried me off the plane at Heathrow Airport.'

March 1, 2010: Inducted into the Cambridge Union Society

Reverend Jackson is elevated to the prestigious Cambridge Union Society, the university’s debating society. In the midst of the global economic crisis, he said it’s “This is a change moment, a time to remake the world's financial systems. Too few people control too much capital and media, leveraging too much political influence for a healthy democratic outcome.''



Prior to his keynote at Cambridge University, Rev. Jackson laid a wreath at the American military cemetery in Madingley in honor of the soldiers who lost their lives during WWII.

The Asian Voice, one of UK’s most prestigious news publications, honors Rev. Jackson with its “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his decades of activism and bringing people together across lines of race, culture, class, gender and belief.

Rev. Jackson delivers the keynote address at the Race Equality Election Forum hosted by Equanomics UK, 1990 Trust and its Roots Research Centre, setting out a Racial Justice Manifesto as a run up to the UK elections; and launches the unveiling of a voter registration billboard campaign launched by Operation Black Vote.

October 2010: Launches Christian Aid UK’s Campaign to End Poverty

In a series of events leading to the a major address at Methodist Central Hall in Westminister, Rev. Jackson lends his support to Christian Aid and its campaign to end poverty in the UK and around the world, saying “‘We understand that times are hard, both in the US and the UK, but we are still better off than our neighbors in the developing world. We are reminded that in the Bible's New Testament, Jesus teaches us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless. Jesus reminds us that when we feast, we should invite the poor and injured.”

October 2010: Campaigns for UK StopWatch and Responsible Credit Coalition; UK Black Vote

At Kings College London, Rev. Jackson keynotes a forum to launch StopWatch, a campaign “to halt racial profiling and ensure that the criminal justice is JUST and FAIR “for us.” The campaign seeks to stop the police from the disproportionate stopping and searching of ethnic minorities.

With the global economic crisis caused by the immoral, corrupt and greedy practices of the banking and financial services industry, Rev. Jackson keynoted the Responsible Credit Conference to radically redesign the regulation of UK’s credit markets, and to examine the impact of public spending cuts on the poor, and to call for the establishment of a new Consumer Financial Education Body.

February 2011: Launches Equality and Rights Alliance, Ireland

In the midst of the economic downturn in Ireland – previously the Celtic Tiger of Europe – Rev. Jackson joins with a broad coalition to launch the Equality and Rights Alliance campaign to protect civil and human rights and their Roadmap, and warns of the harm that the “austerity budget” will have on the Ireland’s poor and working class communities, “The budget is a moral document,” he says.,140

March 2011: Conferred with James Joyce Award and Honorary Life Membership and from the University College Dublin Law Society

The University College Dublin Law Society presents Rev. Jackson with the James Joyce Award and Honorary Life Membership. He also meets with Ireland’s PM Kenney, the traveller’s community, and returns to keynote again at Trinity College in Dublin where he first was honored in 2004, to receive their Gold Medal Award. He also traveled to Northern Ireland, meeting with family members killed during Bloody Sunday in 1972 and visited Northern Ireland’s civil rights site, the Museum of Free Derry.



Other European highlights demonstrating the international role of Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition as people’s diplomats and international peacemakers include:

November 1985: Geneva

Visited the Soviet Union to appeal for religious freedom for Soviet Jews, specifically meeting President Gorbachev in Geneva in 1985 to make an appeal for a nuclear weapons freeze and an end to the discrimination against Soviet Jews. He has consistently called for reconciliation and healing with he Jewish community, including standing with Jews in 1978 when neo-Nazis marched in Skokie, Ill; confronting Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev about the plight of Soviet Jewry; protesting at the Dachau concentration camp in 1985 when President Reagan laid a memorial wreath at an SS cemetery in Bitburg, Germany.



** Meeting with Pope

** Meeting Queen

** ????

March 2009: Unity is strength, The Netherlands:

Is honored by Unity is Strength, the leading youth organization in The Netherlands. jackson unity is strength netherlands&source=web&cd=10&ved=0CGAQFjAJ&

Sweden: June-July 4 2011 - Peace and Love Festival; Almadahlen;

Peace and Love:


October 12-13, 2011: Malmo and Lund, Sweden



June 26 2010 Brussels European Network on Racism

Crans Montana June 27, 1999

Crans Montana June 28 2002:

June 2010: Crans Montana World Leaders Forum



Solidarity with Africa

1971: Ghana (soul to soul)

Nigeria: with Whitney Young, Andrew Young et al: Whitney Young dies

1972 Liberia

July 21, Visited South Africa in 1979 calling attention to impact of apartheid on the lives of black people.

In 1979, Rev. Jackson made his initial visit to South Africa, where he learned first hand of the immoral and inhumane nature of apartheid and its impact on South Africa’s Black people.

August 1984: Denied visa to Visit South Africa by DeKlerk:

August-September 1986: Solidarity tour with Frontline States

Rev. Jackson heads a U.S. Delegation on a 17 day tour of the frontline states of southern Africa, including Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and other nations – calling attention to the failures of “constructive engagement” and advancing sanctions against South Africa. His trip helped spur the passage of the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986. Danny Schechter captures the trip in a documentary film.

February 1990: 12 Day Visit Hosted by South African Council of Churches

At the invitation of the South African Council of Churches in 1990, Jackson meets with religious, trade union, and other anti-apartheid leaders, including Walter Sisulu, Rev. Frank Chkane, Rev. Allan Boesek. He calls for increased sanctions against apartheid South Africa.

Nelson Mandela is released from prison February 11, 1990

Corbis Images hoto archives of Rev. Jackson and President Mandela:

Rev. Jackson meets newly freed Nelson Mandela February 15 in Soweto, declaring Mandela is out of jail, but not free until apartheid is abolished.


President Clinton selected Rev. Jackson to head the US Delegation to observe the first free, all-race South Africa elections, and met again with newly elected President Mandela as part of the US delegation at the inauguration in the New South Africa in 1994.

February 17, 1990: "God has rewarded you for all your suffering" - The Rev. Jesse Jackson, speaking to Sam Nujoma, Namibia's first President. [7:6.]

Upon departing South Africa, Jackson addressed the Constituent Assembly in Namibia, as the guest of the first elected president, Sam Nujoma.

October 25, 1997: President Clinton names Rev. Jackson Special Envoy for the Promotion of Democracy in Africa

As Special Envoy for the Promotion of Democracy in Africa, Jackson has been a unique diplomat/advocate for African political democracy and economic development.


Traveled to Kenya in 1997 to meet with Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi as United States President Bill Clinton's special envoy for democracy to promote free and fair elections.

Nigeria March 1999;


November 1998 Four nation Africa tour


October 25, 2005: Visiting Joberg

June 23 2006: Global Leadership Conference


October 26 2006: A Meeting with President Nelson Mandela

Old allies in the human rights struggle, former president Nelson Mandela and United States civil rights activist Jesse Jackson rekindled their acquaintance at talks in Johannesburg. The two leaders had discussed the problems of poverty, HIV-AIDS and investment in South Africa.

Libya African Union – Aristide Coup February 2004

Rev. Jesse Jackson is a participant in the African Union Conference hosted by African Union President and Libyan leader Col. Qadaffi in Serte, Libya, as they seek a new path of economic development – the peace dividend – as the African Union builds new relations between the African continent and the Middle Eastern nation and the West.

March 2007: Ghana’s Independence 50th Anniversary Celebration

Participated in the celebrations about the 50th anniversary of the independence of Ghana;

August 2009: Cote d’Ivoire

Jackson inherited the title of the High Prince of the Agni people of Côte d'Ivoire from Michael Jackson. In August 2009, he was crowned Prince Côte Nana by Amon N'Douffou V, King of Krindjabo, who rules more than a million Agni tribespeople.[25]


April 2010: Senegal 50th Anniversary Independence Celebration;

June 2008: Tanzania Sullivan Foundation Summit of a Lifetime

Rev. Jackson keynotes several sessions, as part of Sullivan Foundation conference on cultural, educational and economic linkages throughout the African diaspora (;

Nigeria November 2010:

calling for “Marshal Plan for African Economic Development;

September 2011: Garden City Literature Festival September 2011

Hosted by the Garden City Literature Festival and the Rainbow Book Club, Rev. Jackson speaks about the new Nigeria’s need to tackle poverty with growth and economic development, at Port Hartcourt University with noted Nigerian literary figures.



November 2010: Commemorating Chief Albert Luthuli’s Nobel Peace Prize 50 years on

Rev. Jackson is invited to keynote the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the awarding of Chief Albert Luthuli’s Nobel Peace Prize at the Luthuli Museum. His four-day visit also in Durbin to promote African American-South African economic empowerment partnerships.,reverend_jesse_jackson8217s_four-day_visit_to_south_africa,138.html

November 23, 2010: A meeting with Nelson Mandela

Along with Senator Rodney Ellis (TX) and the Rainbow PUSH Delegation in South Africa to commemorate Albert Luthuli, Rev. Jackson meets again with President Mandela.

April 21, 2010: Commencement of University of Kwazulu-Natal-Duran, South Africa

November 2011 keynoting a commemoration of Oliver Tambo’s 94th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the military wing of the ANC;


Middle East

October 1979: Travels to Palestine and Lebanon

Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson proceeded to the Middle East where she met Yasser Arafat and PLO leaders, speaking before a women’s conference. Later joined by Rev. Jackson, they began advancing a two state solution, and a peaceful non-violent resolution to the Middle East crisis. He has returned to the Middle East several time on missions to promote peace and dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians,9171,916935,00.html


August-September 2006: Middle East Peace Mission

Days after the Israeli-Lebanese cease-fire, Rev Jackson met with Simon Perez and Israeli leaders, and leaders in Lebanon and Palestine, and President Assad of Syria, seeking the release of Israeli soldiers imprisoned during the war and to advance the peace process


Doha: 11th Doha Forum focusing on the lessons and future of the Arab Spring uprisings May 2011;

Doha Interreligious Conference October 2011;;


In Central America and the Caribbean

Visited Brazil in 1996 at the invitation of President Cardoza to participate in declaring a national holiday in honor of Zumbi, the leader of slave revolts in the 1600s. Returned to Brazil in 2002 to encourage participation in local and national elections (

Met with Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as keynote speaker of their Martin Luther King Day commemoration in 2005.

Puerto Rico: July 2001

Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson and nine others were arrested on misdemeanor trespassing charges after they broke into the camp, protesting the U.S. Navy testing of dummy bombs on Vieques Island in Puerto Rico.

Haiti: January 2010



In Asia

Visited the DMZ zone in Korea, and led delegations to Japan and Indonesia on missions for trade relations and labor rights, including inspections of factories producing athletic shoes


Peace Dialogues – Building Bridges of Peace: Thailand (2003)

Reverend Jackson is among the noted state and civic leaders launching Peace Dialogues – Building Bridges of Peace: held in Bangkok, Thailand.,

May 2009: Peace Dialogues – Building Bridges of Peace: Malaysia

Hosted by the International Peace Foundation, Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. will keynote its "Bridges: Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace" program in Malaysia and Thailand April 19-24, 2009. A return visit to Thailand from his address in 2003, Reverend Jackson will address numerous dignitaries and grass roots organizations on the theme, "Building a Culture of Peace and Development in a Globalized World."[1].pdf

India January 28, 2008:

Reverend Jesse Jackson was invited by the Gandhi Museum to deliver the keynote address of the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s martyrdom, speaking on the peaceful, non-violent principles of Gandhi – satyagraha – and their application to the historic and contemporary civil and human rights movement.

Earlier, in December 2007, Rev. Jackson spoke at the Jawaharlal Nehru Conference and along the way, visited the home of Mahatma Gandhi.