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May 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Join Rev. Jesse Jackson for Saturday Morning Forum

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, will welcome Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon Martin, as special guests at the live international broadcast of Saturday Morning Forum on Saturday, May 26. Benjamin Crump, the Florida attorney representing the family, will accompany them.

“We are calling for all mothers and fathers who have lost their children to gun violence to join us this Saturday,” said Rev. Jackson. “Nearly 30,000 people a year die as a result of gun violence in the United States. One hundred thousand a year are injured, requiring medical treatment and hospitalization that contributes to our crisis in public health. None of us are safe until all of us are safe.”

Ms. Fulton has said the appearances she has made around the country at different churches and rallies aren’t just for her son but for all young people who might be victims of racial profiling.

“I’m not just working for Trayvon,” she said. “I’m working on behalf of other kids, their futures, and I’m fighting for them. It’s so easy for me to cry right now, but I can’t because I have work to do. I was forced into this position, but I believe God is using me.”

Saturday Morning Forum airs live on the WORD Network and WVON 1690 AM The Talk of Chicago at 11:00 AM EST/10:00 AM CST. The program can also be streamed live at

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a progressive organization devoted to protecting, defending and expanding civil rights to improve economic and educational opportunity. The organization is headquartered at 930 E. 50th St. in Chicago. To learn more, please visit or call (773) 373-3366. To arrange an interview with Rev. Jackson, please call the numbers listed above.