Pardon Marissa Alexander!

marissa alexander Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks with Marissa Alexander concerning her well-being and legal next steps from jail in Florida Tuesday.

TO: Governor Rick Scott,

Marissa Alexander is now serving a 20-year sentence in Florida for defending herself against an attack by her husband who has a record as a perpetrator of domestic abuse. The facts of the case indicate that Ms. Alexander legitimately feared for her safety and fired a single shot from a properly registered gun that she owned. The jury deliberated just 12 minutes and returned a guilty verdict that resulted in the 20-year sentence.

I believe the sentence Marissa Alexander received is a miscarriage of justice. Florida “stand your ground” law should have applied to Ms. Alexander’s situation in the face of the very real threat posed by her husband. Because of her actions, an attack was prevented and a potentially life threatening situation averted. Please review the facts of this case and pardon Marissa Alexander. You have the responsibility to make sure justice prevails.

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