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Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project

1441 Broadway
Suite 5051
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 646-569-5889

Chee Chee Williams
Executive Director

Rebecca Cruz
Director of Research and Business Development

Veronica Black
Northeast Regional Director
One Thousand Churches Connected

Within American business there exists not a talent gap, but an opportunity gap. To unite talent and opportunity for a business benefit, we established the Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project, an outgrowth of a social justice movement working to secure both equal opportunity and protection under the law for all Americans. The Wall Street Project was founded on January 15, 1996, the anniversary of the birth of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to coincide symbolically with the beginning of the first quarter of the business year.

The Project’s organizational origin rests with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Operation Breadbasket, established by Dr. King in 1966 to work toward a more inclusive America by combining theology with the struggle for economic justice.

The spirit of Dr. King and Operation Breadbasket live on in the Wall Street Project, which through research, education, and partnership encourages companies to form mutually beneficial business relationships that embrace inclusion as a means of growth. The Wall Street Project educates corporate “trading partners” and their leaders to encourage equal opportunity.

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