The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is engaged in creating a better world by working on many fronts. The issues we focus on include:

Poverty and Hunger

A concern with the twin evils of poverty and hunger has always been at the core of Rev. Jesse Jackson's work. From the Poor People's March on Washington, to Operation Breadbasket, to the ongoing effects of these devastating conditions around the world, the drive to eradicate poverty and hunger has always been at the foundation of his work and is central to the mission of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Our advocacy efforts on behalf of the poor and hungry are addressed to government, business, education and religious leaders throughout the world, and we often engage in direct action to call attention to these issues and bring parties together to facilitate solutions to particular pressing needs.

Peace and Justice

The work of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition reflects the commitments of its founder. It has been observed that Rev. Jackson has, perhaps, walked on more picket lines and in more marches in pursuit of peace and justice than any other American. From opposition to war throughout the world, to bringing home hostages; working for the rights of the displaced in New Orleans; marching in support of voting rights, civil rights, worker rights and human rights; challenging cases of discrimination; working to end apartheid; supporting the struggles of union workers—Rev. Jackson’s commitment has not waivered. The struggle for peace and justice is unending and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition will always be at the heart of it.

Gun Violence

Gun violence is a cancer spreading through our urban communities. It disproportionately affects our young people. It takes lives, permanently injures, disrupts families, communities, and schools, and takes a staggering economic toll. We must stop the gun flow and reduce the violence. Through advocacy, education and direct action, we are working to end this senseless slaughter that threatens the foundation of our communities.

Home Foreclosure

The home foreclosure crisis continues to worsen. While our largest financial institutions that caused the crisis get bailed out and executives receive huge bonuses, hardworking Americans are losing their homes in record numbers. Through advocacy at the highest levels of government, we are working to bring the bailout to Main Street, and help to the working people who have been victimized by Wall Street greed. We also support education and counseling efforts to get help directly to those who need it most.

Corporate Inclusion

Since the days of Operation Breadbasket, Rev. Jesse Jackson has had a focus on diversifying corporate America. Today, through the Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project (WSP), we challenge corporate America to end its multi-billion dollar trade deficit with minority vendors, consumers, and employees. The WSP uses the Breadbasket model of research, education, negotiation, and reconciliation to promote inclusion, opportunity, and economic growth by encouraging public and private companies to improve hiring and promotion practices; name more minorities to corporate boards; allocate more business to minority companies; and increase the amount of business minority firms conduct with each other.

Voter Registration

Over the years, Rev. Jackson has been responsible for registering several miilion new voters. During his 1984 campaign, approximately 2 million new African American voters were registered and over a million more voters were registered during his 1988 campaign. Voter registration is an ongoing mission of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. We do regular registration drives out of our offices around the country, and often engage in special, targeted efforts to increase voter registration. In schools, churches, and meetings across the nation, Rev. Jackson regularly challenges the unregistered to register. As a movement committed to social change, we have power through the vote and strength in numbers.