Program Information

39th Annual Conference

A More Perfect Union: The State of Civil Rights

June 12 - June 16, 2010

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
2233 South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, 
Chicago, IL

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
Rainbow PUSH Coalition Headquarters
930 E. 50th Street
Day Theme Economic and Educational Recovery
9:00am - 4:00pm Conference Registration
10:00am - 12:00pm Rainbow PUSH Coalition's Saturday Morning Forum: Live TV Broadcast
Economic Reconstruction

The aim of this session is to give an overview of the economic, legal and social conditions of communities of color, poverty, and working Americans. We will focus not only on the disparities and challenges facing real Americans, but also on the private and public policy solutions that have proven effective in ameliorating unjust and undemocratic conditions. What strategies and programs must be implemented to ensure that the economic recovery "waters the roots" and gets down to our communities and neighborhoods? A distinguished panel of scholars, economists and civil rights leaders will kick off the Rainbow PUSH Annual Convention with this internationally televised program.

Moderator: Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Ben Jealous, president, NAACP
Jonathan Jackson, national spokesman, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Dr. Ron Walters, director, African American Leadership Institute
Bob Borosage, Campaign for America’s Future
Max Wolff, senior analyst, Beryl Consulting Group
Barbara Arnwine, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Dr. Juan Andrade, president, United States Hispanic Leadership Institute
Dr. Mark Lemont Hill, professor, Columbia University
Ricardo Meza, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund
9:00am - 5:00pm WALGREENS Wellness Van
The Vehicle features free screenings for cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels and body mass index as well as bone density.
12:00pm - 2:00pm Rainbow PUSH/Operation Breadbasket Reunion Barbecue
Rainbow PUSH Coalition Headquarters Back Lawn
1:30pm - 3:30pm Educational Recovery
American Public Education Crisis

Are we racing to the top or bottom with education reform? It’s a critical moment in education. What’s at stake and what does it mean for our children? The achievement gap for students of color and low income students has not been dismantled and school districts across the country are more segregated now than when Brown vs. Board of Education was decided 56 years ago. Are charter schools and terminating the entire teaching staffs at schools the answer? Should we embrace national standards? Are politics and self-interest coming back with a vengeance? Join us for this engaging panel discussion with top educators across the country that will dissect what’s truly at stake for public education.
Moderator: Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., founder and president, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Diane Ravitch, New York University
Sonya Whitaker, school superintendent, Lockport, Illinois
Dr. Donald Pittman, Northeastern Illinois University
Cynthia Swann, National Education Association
Lorraine Forte, Catalyst Mag azine
Dr. Julianne Malveaux, president, Bennett College
James Thindwa, civic engagement coordinator, Chicago ACTS (AFT)
Ralph Martire, executive director, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

Cities Under Siege
Mayor Rudy Clay, Gary Indiana
Mayor Willie Burns, Washington, Georgia, President of the Georgia Conference of Black Mayors
Calvin Smyre, president, National Black Caucus of State Legislators
Alderman Scott Waugespack, Chicago City Council
And others
Sunday, June 13, 2010
Rainbow PUSH Coalition Headquarters
930 E. 50th Street
Day Theme Elected Official and Students Agenda
12:00pm - 3:00pm Conference Registration
10:00am - Noon Church Service at Rainbow PUSH Headquarters
Join us we raise social awareness through this Spirit filled service. These three clergy will encourage your hearts, inspire your soul and enlighten your mind.
Rev. Quentin Mumphery
Rev. Darryl Scarbrough
Rev Aaron McLeod
1:30pm - 4:30pm Student Town Hall Meeting
Keynote Speaker: Robert Shireman, deputy undersecretary, U.S. Department of Education
Co-Moderators: Dr. Charles Ogletree, Harvard University, and Dr. JoAnn Roberts
Paula Luff, vice president for enrollment, DePaul University
Bradley Akubuiro, student, Northwestern University
Alan Collinge, author, The Student Loan Scam
Attorney Nicole Mayer, James Hoyer Law Firm
Andre Bell, vice president for enrollment, Chicago State University
Dan Mann, financial aid director, University of Illinois Champaign Urbana
Eric Weems, financial aid director, Loyola University
Edie Irons, The Institute for College Access and Success
7:00pm - 9:00pm Clay Evans Gospel Concert
Singing Praises Unto Our Lord
Edwin Hawkins
Rock of Ages Choir
LueDella Evans Reid Choir
Sweet Holy Spirit Choir
Canton Spirituals
Moses Tyson
Beverly Crawford
Location: Christ Universal Temple
11901 South Ashland Avenue
Monday, June 14, 2010
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
Day Theme International, Business and Education
7:00am - 5:00pm Conference Registration
8:00am - 10:00am International Breakfast Plenary
Rebuilding Haiti: 5 Months After the Quake

The forum will focus on the devastation that resulted from the January earthquake and international efforts to rebuild and lift Haiti out of poverty. The earthquake left over 200,000 dead and millions homeless in a country where 80% of the population lived in poverty before the quake. The speakers, who continue to work tirelessly to promote democracy and development in Haiti, will have the opportunity to share their vision of how to develop, secure, and unite Haiti.
Keynote Speaker: Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Moderator: Dr. Ron Daniels, president, The 21st Century Institute of the Black World
Ambassador Raymond Joseph, Embassy of Haiti
Mrs. Nicole Lee, executive director, Trans Africa Forum
Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul
Morning Sessions
8:00am - 9:30am Small Business Administration Plenary
Dina Habib-Powell, Goldman Sachs
Len Schlesinger, president, Babson College
Mary Kay Leonard, CEO, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City
10:00am - 11:30am Session I – Automotive Recovery: How African American Consumers Will Save the Auto Industry
This panel discussion will look at the latest research demonstrating how African-American consumers' expenditures on new cars present a shining opportunity for automakers to grow their business. Data from R.L. Polk, Target Market News and other sources will be used to guide a dialogue with industry executives and marketing professionals.
Moderator: Ken Smikle, president, Target Market News
Marc Bland, manager of Analytical Solutions, R.L. Polk
Damen Lester, National Association of Minority Auto Dealers
Louis James, MCLJASCO

Session II – Wireless Spectrum Needs: What is the Best Way to Serve All of the American People?
Current discussions by the FCC and the various spectrum users (broadcast TV, mobile phone carriers, etc.), those that benefit from the spectrum (TV networks, Google, Microsoft, etc.), are focused on how best to serve American consumers with the available spectrum. The FCC, as part of its National Broadband Plan, believes that spectrum should be taken from over the air TV and reallocated for broadband services. TV believes that they offer vital local community and emergency information and are developing mobile TV to offer new services. Wireless phone carries believe they need more spectrum to continue to expand broadband services to mobile devices. What are the barriers of entry for minorities and women as entrepreneurs and investors in current and possible future uses of spectrum and what are the potential benefits and pitfalls to underserved constituencies? Is the right answer spectrum reallocation or is it something else? Our distinguished panel will share their points of view on the topic.

Keynote Speaker: FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
Moderator: Adrienne Biddings, Esq., Georgetown University
Panelists: Rudy Brioche, Esq., Senior Director, External Affairs & Public Policy Counsel, Comcast Corpporation
Donald Brittingham, Vice President, Wireless Public Policy, Verizon Communications
Erin Dozier, Esq., general counsel, National Association of Broadcasters
John Muleta, founder & CEO, M2Z Network
K. Dane Snowden, vice president, external & state affairs, CTIA-The Wireless Association
10:00am - 4:00pm Career Opportunity and Development Expo
Corporations seeking qualified employees will be on hand to take resumes and conduct interviews.
Participants include: Allstate, Chicago Defender, Citgo, Comcast, Illinois Department of Employment Security, McDonald’s, National Coalition of Aviation, RR Donnelley, and State Farm.
12:00pm - 2:00pm Business Luncheon
This roundtable discussion, comprised of CEOs, political figures and civil rights leaders, will focus on business growth and development for small business owners.
Participants: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Maxine Waters
Greg Wasson, CEO Walgreens
Martin Gruenberg, vice-chair, FDIC
Andrew Plepler, president, Bank of America Global Corporate Social Responsibility, consumer policy executive and President of Bank of America Foundation; Brinda Bradley, The Neilson Company
Afternoon Sessions
2:30pm - 4:00pm Session I – FDIC
Keynote Speaker: Martin Gruenberg, vice-chair, FDIC
Representatives from Seaway National Bank; South Shore Bank; Illinois Federal; First Independence; Capitol City Bank; Citizens Trust Bank;

Session II – Franchise Ownership
This session will examine franchising as a viable route to jobs, wealth, consumer choice and economic development in under-served communities. Learn where the opportunities are now and how to access them, including the operational expertise and capital to bring your deal together.
Moderator: Pat Harris, Vice President of Global Diversity, McDonald's
Panelists: Terrain Barnes, ”YUM!”; Clinton Barrow, Prestige Consultant Group; Vanessa Foster, Supervalu; Michael Byron, Supervalu; Greg Calhoun, Calhoun Enterprises

Session III - Walgreens Contractor Session
This invitation only session will focus on construction and real estate development. It will also highlight business opportunities for MBE’s and WBE’s.
Moderator: Gleatha Glispie, Walgreens
Panelists: Walgreens representatives Zack Church (Real Estate), Tim Schmid (Construction), Kimberly Scott-Eskridge (Facilities) and developer John Mclinden, Centrum Company
5:30pm - 6:30pm Coca-Cola Opening Reception
7:00pm - 9:00pm Push Excel Scholarship Gala
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Rev. Jesse Jackson's jailing while trying to use the public library in Greenville, South Carolina.
Special Guests and Honorees:
Greensboro 4: Family of David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair, Joseph McNeil
Greenville 8: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Joan Mattison, Elaine Means, Margaree SeaWright, Dorris Wright, Hattie Smith, Ernest Green, Willie Joe Wright (posthumous)
Additional Honorees: John Lewis, Dr. Julius Garvey
Sponsor: McDonald’s
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
Day Theme Labor and Clergy
7:00am - 5:00pm Conference Registration
7:30am - 9:30am Labor Breakfast
No group has suffered more from America’s economic meltdown than working men and women. The auto industry was decimated and workers paid the price. Our cities are in financial crisis and teachers, transportation workers, and all who do the hands-on work that make our cities run are the first to feel the effects of budget cuts. It’s time to enact real change for working families and all America. It’s time to reverse the policies that resulted in jobs and investment flowing out, drugs and guns flowing in. It’s time to reinvest in America and put America back to work. Our annual labor breakfast will feature remarks from key labor, political, and civil rights leaders on advancing workers’ rights and changing the direction of our economic policy from a top down to a bottom up approach that addresses the needs of America’s working men and women. Nothing is more important than strengthening our coalition of conscience and restoring the promise of democracy and economic justice for working families. You will be challenged and inspired.
Keynote Speaker: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
Morning Sessions
10:00am - 11:30am Urban Transportation, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure Plenary
Certain national infrastructure is vital to sustaining American life as we know it. These critical systems distribute telecommunications, water, transportation, energy, electricity and financial services. The debacle in the Gulf is just the most recent reminder of the importance of infrastructure to economic stability and sustainable growth. Could we create a million new jobs building a smart electrical grid? What is the right mix of highways, mass transit and rapid rail? This panel will discuss innovative trends, jobs and business opportunities. As the nation commits to building 100 nuclear power plants, offshore drilling seems more risky than ever, and access to the Internet becomes the equivalent of access to electricity a century ago, where should America invest its resources? This is a discussion we cannot afford to overlook.
Hilda Pinnix-Ragland, vice president, Progress Energy
Dr. Beverly Scott, CEO, MARTA
Rev. Charles Steele, director, Working People for Fair Energy
Ralph Cleveland, executive vice president, AGL Resources
David Hinson, director, Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)
10:00am - 11:30am Seminarians Session
Topic: Poverty
Rainbow PUSH is convening seminary leaders, students and public health officials to discuss this 21st century crisis. It has resulted in pockets of extreme neglect that is impacting the same cities, countries and states that were affected when Dr. Martin Luther King and others initiated the Poor Peoples Campaign. This national dialogue with Reverend Jackson on the 21st Century causes and effects of poverty promises to enlighten those in attendance and result in engaging dialog.
Dr. Alice Hunt, president, Chicago Theological Seminary
10:00am - 4:00pm Mortgage Modification/Home Preservation
10:00am - 4:00pm Career Opportunity and Development Expo
Corporations seeking qualified employees will be on hand to take resumes and conduct interviews. Participants include: Allstate, Chicago Defender, Citgo, Comcast, Illinois Department of Employment Security, McDonald’s, National Coalition of Aviation, RR Donnelley, and State Farm.
12:00pm - 2:30pm Ministers' Luncheon
The Joshua Generation 40 Years Later
Keynote Speakers: Rev. Otis Moss, Jr. & Rev. Otis Moss III
Rabbi Alysa Stanton, first African-American female Rabbi
Dr. Stephen J. Thurston, Sr., National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.
Dr. T. Dewitt Smith, Progressive National Baptist Churches, Inc.
Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop-Church of God in Christ, Inc.
Bishop Horace E. Smith, M.D., Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.
Bishop Henry Williamson, 9th Episcopal District CME Church
Bishop John H. Bryant, 4th Episcopal District Church, AME

Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Otis Moss, Jr.
Rev. Herbert Daughtry
Rev. Dr. Freddie Haynes
Rev. Dr. Charles Adams
Dr. Jim Holly
Dr. Jasper Williams, Sr.

Lemmie Battle
Kim McFarland
The Sears Choir

Sponsor: Burger King
Afternoon Sessions
2:30pm - 4:00pm Session I - Clergy Conveners Meeting
Topics of discussion: RPC purpose/mission; 1000 Churches Connected Program; convenor's responsibility/charge; membership; fundraising; and communication. Session will include presentations from the following departments: finance, education, sports, trade bureau and international.
Speaker: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Session II - Athletes and Graduation Rates
Moderator: Charlotte Westerhaus, NCAA
Panelists: Dr. Richard Lapchick, founder and president, National Consortium for Academics and Sports
Oliver Purnell, men’s basketball coach, DePaul University
Coach Natalie Randolph, Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, DC
7:00pm - 9:00pm Athletic Banquet
This banquet will highlight individuals who have demonstrated the ability to guide, direct or influence people to be champions in sports.
Keynote Speaker: Isiah Thomas
Gary Maddox, former member of the Philadelphia Phillies
Charlotte Westerhaus, NCAA
Oliver Purnell, men’s basketball coach, DePaul University
Coach Natalie Randolph, Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, DC
Honorees: Spencer Haywood
Gary Maddox
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
Day Theme Health and Women
7:00am - 2:00pm Conference Registration
Morning Sessions
8:00am - 9:30am Health Plenary: Healthcare Reform
Keynote Speaker: U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin
Moderator: Dr. Leon Dingle
Panelists: Dr. Arnold Widen, Illinois Department of Justice
Dr. Quentin Young
Dr. Richard Allen Williams, Founder, Minority Health Institute
Aaron McLeod, VITAS
Jim Duffet, Executive Director, Campaign for Better Health
8:00am - 12:00pm Health Screening, Education and Prevention
Participating companies will provide complimentary screenings and services: flu shots, blood pressure readings and glucose (Diabetes) testing.
10:00am - 11:30am Session I -- Healthcare Decisions at End of Life: Putting Your House in Order
Too often families are faced with difficult healthcare decisions during a medical crisis. This workshop will discuss methods for working together with the medical and legal system, as well as the faith community, to assist patients and families with making effective and informed decisions and developing a care plan that respects and values their personal preferences, cultural and spiritual perspectives. This workshop will explore advanced care planning documents such as living wills, trusts, land trusts, DNR’s, etc. The workshop also will center on compassionate communications surrounding discussions of these documents and how to effectively facilitate decision-making and care planning meetings with patients, their families and the interdisciplinary healthcare team. A distinguished group of panelists will share their views and engage the audience in exercises utilizing “Five Wishes” and other important documents.

Moderator: Rev. Aaron J. McLeod, Esq., community liaison, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care
Ernest Fenton, Esq., Law Office of Ernest B. Fenton
Kimberly Battle, MD, team physician, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care and Director of Health Ministries, New Faith Baptist Church
Orlanda Mackey, MD, John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County
Apostle Carl L. White Jr., Victory Christian Assembly
Bishop Simon Gordon, Tried Stone Full Gospel Baptist Church
Ms. Melody Spann Cooper, chairman, Midway Broadcasting Corporation and president, WVON Radio

Session II - New Media, the Internet and the Digital Revolution
This session will highlight how business owners, entrepreneurs, political leaders, religious and non-profit communities, and individuals of all ages are using online technologies to accomplish amazing feats for the enrichment of the lives of those they touch while leveling the playing field and providing a viable means for economic growth. The information provided at this particular session will be the catalyst for immediate change for the attendees by giving them the inspiration, understanding, tools and resources to create realistic opportunities for themselves on the Web.
Moderator: T.C. Coleman
Panelists: Bishop Lewder, John Ratliff, Patrick Schaffer

Session III - The Truth About Saving and Wealth Building in Turbulent Times
Moderator: Lavonia Perryman, PRNetworks
Ryan Mack, Capital Investment Bank
Cassandra McConnell, FDIC
Connie White, IDA Program Specialist, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation
Suzanne Mayo-Theus, national director, Black America Saves
12:30pm - 2:00pm Women's Luncheon
This year’s women’s luncheon will pay great tribute to “Keepers of the Village”, honoring the women and men who have played and continue to play a vital role in the lives of their families, friends and associates. They are the first teachers for their children, supporters for their spouses, but in addition, serve as role models and mentors for those within the circle of their own personal villages. In working with various communities, their places of worship, businesses and community organizations, they give of their time, talents and energy to ensure that knowledge is passed on to each new generation, maximizing the impact on our villages and the world!
Keynote Speaker: Rabbi Alysa Stanton, America’s first black female rabbi, Bayt Shalom
Speakers: Jetta Bates-Vasilatos, The Nielsen Company
Honorees: Rose Sanders; Edwina Moss; Attorney Fred Gray; Claudette Colvin; Juanita Abernathy; Roslyn Brock, NAACP; Lottie Gibson; Diane Nash;
Peggy Montes, Chairman of the Board on Women’s Issues and Ethics for Cook County; and Darlene Hill, anchor, Fox News.
Emcee: Cheryl Burton, ABC News
Sponsor: The Coca-Cola Company