Trade Bureau Code of Conduct

It is important to maintain professionalism and decorum while fostering relationships with the private and public business sectors. With this in mind, Trade Bureau members shall not threaten, intimidate, or harass Trading Partners in an effort to force business relationships or unduly use the organization's influence on their own behalf.  

Further, the unauthorized use of the name of Rainbow PUSH and the International Trade Bureau and/or the names of any of its officers and/or employees is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Violators will be subject to maximum internal and legal sanctions.

To fully comply with our Code of Conduct you must also agree to the following:

  • Statements to the media involving the efforts of RainbowPUSH and/or the International Trade Bureau require our prior knowledge and consent.
  • Information regarding potential economic opportunities obtained as a member of a negotiating team or as a spoke member is confidential and should not he divulged to anyone without prior knowledge and consent of the organization.
  • Trade Bureau members who expect to directly benefit from a relationship with a Trading Partner should refrain from participating directly in Rainbow PUSH negotiations on that particular issue.
  • Trade Bureau members who secure major opportunities as a result of our efforts should make all reasonable attempts to involve other Trade Bureau members in the opportunity.
  • Donations made to the organization above and beyond membership dues and or event fees do not directly affect the allocation of resources to an individual or group.

As a condition of my membership in the Rainbow PUSH International Trade Bureau, I have read and fully understand the Trade Bureau Code of Conduct. By checking the box on the membership application, I indicate that I accept the privileges and responsibilities of Trade Bureau membership.