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    April 24, 2023

    Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr, Rainbow Push Coalition, 930 E 50th St

    Chicago IL 60615

    National Unity Platform Diaspora, Chicago Chapter, 1345 W Lunt Ave Chicago IL,60626

    Re: Invitation to Attend Community Gathering of Ugandans

    The Chicago Chapter, of the People Power/National Unity Platform (NUP) in the Diaspora, invites you to join Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine), at a community gathering of Ugandans. The event is scheduled for April 29, 2023, at the Al Larson Prairie Centre for the Arts; 201 Schaumburg Ct. Schaumburg IL 60193 starting at 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

    We are a grassroots, Chicago-based, predominantly Ugandan American civic organization, advocating for improvement in human rights, democracy, and governance in Uganda. We are the local offshoot of the Diaspora wing of Uganda’s People Power/National Unity Platform (NUP) a Uganda-based organization (www.nupuganda.com) which is led by Honorable Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi (aka Bobi Wine). Ugandans from across the globe ascribe to The People Power Movement and regard and regard Hon. Kyagulanyi as the transformative leader of his generation and the torch bearer of a future of prosperous, democratic, and equitable Uganda (https://nupdc2023.com).

    When you grace us with your presence at this town hall, we get a chance to share your guidance of how to lead and operate in a democracy where the rule of law is paramount. It is an opportunity to meet, interact, and create relationships with a section of your community which not routinely sought out but has continued to make a huge contribution to the development and prosperity of this chosen community away from their place of birth.

    Deep gratitude to you for your public service. Sincerely,

    Hellen Nandaula, Chapter Leader, Chicago NUP/People Power Phone: (518) 209 6244

    [email protected]


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