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  • RPC Atlanta - Peachtree Street Project

    Who does the RPC Atlanta - Peachtree Street Project Service?

    The Citizenship Education Fund established the Peachtree Street Project in Atlanta in 1999 to conduct research and education activities designed to enlighten the public’s understanding of equal opportunity in Southeast. Modeled after the Wall Street Project in New York, the Peachtree Street Project is an initiative of The Citizenship Education Fund (CEF), CEF was founded by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and is a charitable research and education chartered in Ohio and is governed by an independent board of directors.

    The Peachtree Street Project was charged with reviewing corporate social responsibility, with a particular emphasis on performance in the areas of gender, ethnicity and racial inclusion practiced by publicly-traded corporations based in the Southeastern United States. The Peachtree Street Project has previously performed studies of the number of blacks, minorities and women on corporate boards of directors, and reviewed anecdotal evidence regarding diversity and inclusion.

    In the course of conduction its work the Peachtree Street Project regularly reviews diversity rankings published by Fortune, Diversity. Inc. and others. A pattern was observed indication that relatively few firms based in the Southeast were placing significant emphasis on diversity or inclusion. It further appeared that robust programs to accomplish equal opportunity equal opportunity were rare among companies based in the region. This report is an attempt to quantify readily accessible data as a starting point of establishing a benchmark for firms based in the Southeast.

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    PUSH Excel

    The Rainbow Push Coalition Education Initiative was formally known as PUSH for Excellence, Inc. (PUSH Excel). PUSH Excel is a tax-exempt organization founded in 1975 by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. and a number of nationally recognized educators to inspire students to strive for excellence in education in spite of personal, family, and community challenges that they might experience.

    Advocating for educational policies that guarantee equal funding for all students without regard to race or economic standing; Engaging parents, students, and teachers in pursuing high-quality education and striving for educational excellence at every level; Forging partnerships with community-based and public sector stakeholders in education. Rev. Jackson launched PUSH Excel as a national model program with the purpose of connecting principals, parents, popular personalities, and students in a bond to have students at every level on the educational ladder to live the principals of,


    “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it!,” or the familiar phrase that Rev. Jackson opens many of his talks with students with, “I Am Somebody”. The PUSH Excel principles were adopted by school districts in every region of America by 1980.

    PUSH Excel was recognized by the US Department of Education under President Jimmy Carter and was later touted as one of the most thoughtful and inspirational programs that inspired, black and brown students, to move beyond their circumstances of poverty, violence, and inadequate educational resources to achieve excellence through education and positive community involvement.



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