Post Election Statement for November 3


I am cautiously optimistic about the political victory with a house so divided creates great discomfort. Biden and Kamala Harris ran a principled campaign against COVID-19  against growing violence the brandishing of guns in our streets, threatening to kidnap Governors of Michigan and Virginia. Economic growth realizes life put poor livelihood. at the end global isolation.

On the other hand, Trump disregarded the impact of COVID-19, attacked Dr. Fauci, disregarded science and threatened to fire Fauci. He was an accomplice to the violence supported those who brandished guns, ran buses off the road, attacked medical professionals, attacked the department of Justice, stacked the courts, appointed 300 all white federal judges. He contributed to racial fears. 

Those who recently gained the vote after 1965, the rejected stones will be the corner stones of the victory. The urban and working poor are in need of: livable wages, the right to organize, collective bargaining, need food assistance, diapers for their babies, affordable health care, adequate housing, should not be stereotyped by racial profiling, while they drive, shop or go to school.

Whoever will reach 270 electoral votes will be in the midst of a need for healing. One nation under God, liberty, and Justice, must be more than a portrait, it must be real.  For many Trump supporters the election was was referendum on race relations, reaction to Black Lives Matter, blacks being shot and killed repeatedly without consequences.  

It was not a referendum on a need to eradicate COVID-19, better health care, jobs access to affordable health care and quality education. These folks focused on the second amendment’s right to bear arms.  Blacks focused on the 13th amendment, the right to be free.