Rainbow PUSH Coalition Voices of the Movement Airs on NBC

Rainbow PUSH Coalition: Voices of the Movement Airs on NBC


In celebration of Black History Month, Rainbow PUSH Coalition and its Affiliates are proud and excited to present Voices of the Movement, a video presentation that highlights some of the key contributors to social progress and civil rights, and hears from some of today's most significant voices about where we are as a nation, how far we have come, and the path forward. 
In Voices of the Movement, you will hear insightful commentary by: Founder/President of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., civil rights icon and entertainer Mr. Harry Belafonte, Founder of Fair Fight, Ms. Stacey Abrams, Chair African American Studies at Princeton University, Dr. Eddie Glaude, Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, the Hon. Steven Reed, the President of the National Bar Association, Attorney "C.K." Hoffler and more... 
Tune in to watch Voices of the Movement
on the following stations:  
Atlanta: 11Alive on Feb. 20 @ 7pm
Atlanta: 11Alive on Feb. 21 @ 11am
Chicago: NBC 5 on Feb. 20 @ 6pm
Chicago: NBC 5 on Feb. 25 @ 6:30pm
Paducah: WPSD Local 4 on Feb. 22 @ 12:35am Detroit: WDIV Local 4 on Feb. 27 @ 12pm 
*Check your local listing for dates and times when Voices of the Movement will air in your city! 
February 22, 2021 at 7:30pm - February 27, 2021
Free - Online Event

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