Rev. Jackson's Weekly Commentary

Leave politics out of international race to vaccinate the world against covid-19

The Mark of History Still Scars Tulsa Today

COVID-19 is a global threat to humanity — and requires a global response

The false Republican mantra: ‘America is not a racist country’

The case for statehood for the District of Columbia is clear

Republicans posture as party of working people

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act would set smart national standards for police behavior

Most African Americans want protection from crime. They don’t want to get rid of the police, they want to turn them from a threat to an ally.

Has America come any closer to Dr. King’s dream?

Dr. King would be marching with those who seek to make it easier to vote. He would be appalled by George Floyd’s murder, but not surprise.

Georgia businesses must stand against new state law suppressing the right to vote

This bad law drives a stake into democracy in Georgia. It must be reversed.

The Right To Vote Is Under Siege

The right to vote is under siege

February 22, 2021

The fundamental right in a democracy — the right to vote — is once more under siege. In state after state, Republican legislators have introduced literally hundreds of bills designed to suppress voting.

Their passion is fueled by Donald Trump’s big lie that the presidential election was “stolen” from him. Their targets are minorities — African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans, and the young. They call themselves Republicans, but their lineage comes not from Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, but from Jefferson Davis, the southern Democrat who led the Confederacy in its battle to keep Blacks enslaved.